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Tea "Dadiy Chai"
  • Tea "Dadiy Chai"
  • Tea "Dadiy Chai"

Tea "Dadiy Chai"

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Country of manufacture:Russia

An excellent collection for improving blood quality,

Cleaning blood vessels, strengthening immunity, for the treatment of heart disease.

For general health promotion.

Ingredients: Hawthorn (heart disease, blood purifying agents, treatment of vascular diseases).

Thyme (a wide range of uses. Herb for all diseases).

Oregano (soothing, analgesic, wound healing effect, remedy for all female diseases).

St. John's wort (fortifying, stimulates the cardiovascular system, regulates the activity of the central nervous system).

Peppermint (calming effect).

Blackberry color (tonic, vitamin agent).

Strawberry color (anemia, leukemia, diaphoretic and diuretic).

Barberry color (kidney disease, liver disease, hepatitis, cholelithiasis).

Rosehip color (circulatory system, improves metabolic processes, strengthens the immune system).

Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of flavoring ingredients:Natural
Information is up-to-date: 10.11.2020
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